The Ant and the Grasshopper (The Importance of Managing Your Resources.)

Throughout history effective leaders have always been able to manage their resources, whether it be fish, rice, gold or money. It is a natural principle that during the good times, you must save because winter will come.

In Aesop’s fable the Ants and the Grasshopper, the ants spent their spring and summer working hard to build their homes and gather and store food. The ants knew that they must put the time in during the spring and summer because when fall came that was a sign that winter was approaching and with winter came the cold and the snow and the food would be gone.

The Grasshopper was not concerned with such things. “Spring and Summer are for enjoying” he would tell the ants. The Grasshopper ate when he wanted to eat and lived where he wanted to live. Using all that he gathered for right now.

The Ants warned the Grasshopper. “Grasshopper, we urge you to think about the winter, it will be here soon and you will have no food to eat and there will be nowhere warm to live. You best do as we do.”

Grasshopper ignored the Ants, because he looked around and food and shelter were plentiful.

Yet even as the Grasshopper looked around everyone could feel that there was a cooler breeze whipping through. Fall was approaching. “I will have plenty of time to worry later, it is time to eat and play!” Said the Grasshopper.

With each passing day the hours the sun was up started to diminish and each began to get colder and colder. The Ants prepared their plentiful reserve and sheltered their homes from the cold air. As the final ants marched down into their home the last ant looked over and there was the grasshopper sitting on a leaf, cold and hungry with no place to go. The next day the first snow fell.

Today there is an economic mess because many of our businesses, our government and many of us have lived as Grasshoppers. We must always be saving no matter how much money you make from your job, you always must SAVE. It is time to be as Ants and do your daily work to provide for the future of the people you care about.

If you are the leader of your business, of your community, of your family, then I strongly urge that you save a portion of every bit of income that comes into your house. Manage your resources, pay attention to what is going on. Your future is at stake. Aesop’s grand fable of the Ants and Grasshopper is playing out right now with our economy. There are many people being left out in the cold because they chose to live as a grasshopper not as an ant.

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