100 ! The Magic Number

Our team here we love success! When we look at successful people in the world we like to put it on a scale of 1 to 100. With 100 being at the top, the best, the number that gets results and rewards. 80 to 99 being great, 50 to 79 being average to below average and 49 and below meaning you are actually doing harm; you are taking away from others.

Lets start at 49 and below. These people are the energy suckers. They take away from the team or the group.

Imagine you are out on a special date and you take your significant other to a restaurant. The server takes forever to get to your table, and when they do they don’t smile or say “hello, how are you?” They have this aura of negativity that gives you and your date feelings of frustration, anger, and disappointment. Basically, you and your date just want to get away from this person.

Another example of a 49 or below is a person who just cannot execute the job. Lets take the server example again. This person dumps water all over you, takes your order down wrong, or over charges you for your items. They may be nice, but you need to get away from them because they just cannot get the job done.

50-79 range is where many people reside. Basically, a person in this range can do most aspects of the job with some mistakes here or there, yet more often than not, they are just going through the motions – just doing enough to get by. The standards have fallen in this nation where being a 50-79 is good.

80-99 This range is better and in general looked at as something to strive for. The problem is that some people reside in this range but are still unhappy, still not getting the results that they want.

There is another level and that is 100! It is bringing all of your Energy (level 10) and all of your Execution (level 10)to get to the level 100 Results that you deserve. This is where you are OUTSTANDING….and you stand out from everyone else.

The Formula of Success is what is used to determine which category you fall into. The formula is ENERGY x EXECUTION = RESULTS.

Measure your performance personally or professionally at any time by rating yourself on a scale of 1-10 in both categories and that will tell you whether you are being OUTSTANDING, Great, Average, or you are being an energy sucker.

Regardless of where you are today, the great thing is is that you can choose to be different from this moment forward. Choose to bring a level 10 in both categories and see what happens in your life….go after the 100!

In Your Service

Brandon Johnson

“Positive Energy Guy”

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