Talent is Never Enough (John C. Maxwell)

We are big “fans” of John C. Maxwell and his writings. He does an outstanding job of blending real-life scenarios with powerful personal and professional lessons. You always walk away from John’s books wanting more and feeling like you not only learned about the lessons in the book, but also history lessons from every corner of the globe that encompass every area of your life.

This particular book focused on what many of us take for granted, our talent. John proves to you as you are reading the book that talent can get you to very high levels in life, but the people that sustain that level of desired success only do so by developing themselves far beyond just their talent level.

And the great thing about this book is that he not only teaches you the 13 key choices that will develop your particular talents, but he also gives you application exercises at the end of each chapter to help further your Personal R & D.

The 3 main things I have taken from this book are:

1. One of the keys to developing my talent is to reach out to people in my life and get feedback from them to ensure I continue to get others’ perspective on my growth and development.

2. Ultimately it comes down to my hunger to be successful. I have been blessed with “X” amount of talent and if I choose to grow and nurture it into it’s full potential, that is my choice and my responsibility – not anyone else’s.

3. The power of other people’s examples and stories can be extremely inspiring. In this book there is a tremendous amount of lessons from people that have accomplished much more than I and it is up to me whether or not I will apply those similar lessons to my life to move forward.

Good stuff my friends…..again, I highly recommend this book. Happy reading, learning, and applying the lessons to your life!

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Brandon Johnson

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