Perfectionism is self-abuse.

The pursuit of perfect is a waste of time, energy, and talent.

Perfectionism will stop you from having the life you desire.

Perfectionism will sabotage many of your relationships.

Perfectionism will sabotage your career.

Perfectionism will add a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety to your life.

Perfectionism is self-abuse. Plain and simple.

Read that last sentence again. And then read it again.

It’s the truth.

Grow, learn, and challenge yourself to always do your best work – YES!

But don’t put impossible expectations on yourself like having to be perfect, when in all realities of life, nothing is perfect. Nothing.

I was able to overcome my striving for perfectionism when I was asked a very powerful, life-altering question…


So tell me Brandon, what have you ever been perfect at?



In that moment, I realized I have never been perfect at anything! That’s AWESOME!

That realization meant FREEDOM. Freedom from the ridiculous standards of perfectionism.

And it allowed me to focus all of my time, energy, and talent towards the one thing that really does matter on your journey to success and happiness – however that is defined by you…

PROGRESS. Focus on the process and focus on the progress.

Let go of the outcome – know what it is you want/desire – but let go of the obsession of the end result and just focus on moving towards it every single day. One step, one stage at a time.

And guess what?

You achieve so much more.

You create so much more.

And you build so much more.

When you find yourself having to be perfect….STOP IT. JUST STOP IT.

Ask yourself this question…

So tell me (insert your name), what have you ever been perfect at?

And then refocus, get centered, get in the moment, and take action – one step at a time with your best energy and best execution towards your goal….and then trust the process and repeat as necessary.


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