Start with your natural gifts and talents

In my daily reading I came across this statement, “Instead of aspiring to be anything you want to be, you should aim to be more of who you already are.”


I was reminded once again that when one stops looking outside of themselves for the “answers” to life and career – that is the time success and happiness begins and peace and fulfillment starts to be a regular part of your life.

Realizing that you are your problem and that you are your answer is the key.

Every time I chased “what I wanted” in life, it ended the way it was destined to – not well – because that was not a situation that enabled me to truly live and share my natural gifts and talents.

Your head will continue to “convince” you that whatever you are doing is “your thing,” but if your results continue to say something else, please continue your exploration my friends.

In this exploration what you will find is not a “discovery” but more of a “creation” of your true self.

Natural gifts and talents – we all have them. Some of us are care givers, some are artisans, some are good with numbers, some are good with people, some are builders, some are thinkers, some are writers, etc. – we all are different and unique.

There is no right or wrong gift or talent – there is only acceptance by you that this or that is your natural gift or talent – whether you “like it” or not.

There is something on this earth that you can do better than most people in this world. Period.

How do you find or discover these natural gifts and talents?

NOT BY THINKING ABOUT THEM, but by doing and action.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you are doing anything in life, as those are the “keys” that will lead you to your “calling.”

Unfortunately most of us ignore that “calling” and continue to chase what our head convinces us that we really want – and then you get there and you ask yourself, “Is this it? Is this all there is?”

Focus on these questions to create the life and career of your dreams:

1. What am I really passionate about? (Energy)

Not what you think you are passionate about or what your family and friends are passionate about, but what are the things that raises your energy, enthusiasm, and passion for life and work?

2. What am I really great at? (Execution)

Not what you think you are great at, but what have others told you that you are great at and where have you had the greatest results in life and career – what were you doing?

3. How can I bring my unique blend of natural gifts and talents to the marketplace to be rewarded for them?

Always start with your natural gifts and talents and then invest time, energy, and resources into practicing, building skills, and increasing your knowledge to get better EVERY SINGLE DAY and by doing so the marketplace will reward you forBEING YOU.

How AWESOME is that?

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