Your problem in not your problem…

We all have problems, they are just different problems.

Smart people have problems.

Healthy people have problems.

Poor people have problems.

Unemployed people have problems.

Parents have problems.

Teachers have problems.

You get the idea – WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS, they are just different problems.

Have you been a problem solver? Or have you been more of a problem identifier only (with no solutions)?

Stop wasting your time talking about your problems – instead use that time and energy to fix your problems and move on. One problem at a time.

I once read a quote that said something like, “When you talk about your problems, 80% of the people don’t care about your problems and the other 20% are glad that those problems are yours.”

I believe there is some accuracy to that my friends. Not that I or others don’t care, it’s just that we just may be busy fixing our own problems. 🙂

The solution to this dilemma: Become the best darn problem solver around.

You will not only live a more fulfilling life – you will also become even more valuable to the marketplace.

Trust me. The world is starving for efficient and effective problem solvers. The world is not starving for people that just declare the world’s problems or who run from problems.

Don’t be that guy or girl my friends. You are much better than that.

Please use your gifts and talents every day to solve the problems right in front of you and as you do that, the positive momentum will carry over into more of the bigger and tougher problems we are facing in our lives, businesses, and communities.

Your organizational leaders are in search for problem solvers every single day.  Do you want to get “noticed?”  Perform your job at the highest of standards, bring positive energy to the team every day, and be the go-to problem solver.

If you don’t believe me, go to your boss/supervisor/leader and ask them to give you some of their problems to help solve and see what happens – they will love you and respect you. And when you deliver, you will become an even more trusted and valuable team member.

After all, the only way you become a better problem solver is by solving problems – over, over, over, and over again – not by talking about them.

Go forth my problem solving friends and leave this world and the people in it better than you found them.

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