What’s your One Thing?

One Thing can make all the difference…

The smallest of habits produce extraordinary results in your life my friends.

In fact, that’s how and why, happy and successful people are and continue to be happy and successful.

So when you look at your life and where you are at right now, what is that One Thing….

One Thing that if you were to do something different moving forward it would help your life to be a bit happier, better, or more successful.

One Thing.

I challenge you – I dare you – to pick that One Thing.

It doesn’t have to be some “big” thing – it can be anything – it just has to mean something/have an emotional connection to you (not someone else).

One Thing. One area. One focus.

Maybe it’s being on time.

Maybe it’s eating more fruit and vegetables.

Maybe it’s being a better spouse.

Maybe it’s being a better listener.

Maybe it’s being more present and not being distracted.

Maybe it’s reading more books.

Maybe it’s limiting technology/phone time.

Maybe it’s being a better parent.

Maybe it’s being a better friend, son, or brother.

Maybe it’s being more organized.

Maybe it’s creating more “me” time.

Choose that One Thing.

Now, write down 2-3 action steps that you will take every day to help you make that One Thing become a habit for you going into 2017 and beyond.

No excuses – challenge yourself that your day is successful only when you do these actions.

Confidence grows by doing, not by thinking.

Now, instead of waiting until January 1st to begin these action steps, begin today.

Why would you wait?

Procrastination is only an excuse not to perform and take action.

Choose that One Thing.

Take action every day on those action steps (adapt as necessary).

Trust the process.

Reap the rewards.

What’s your One Thing?

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