One word can make all the difference

A few years ago I came across a concept that has drastically impacted my life in such a positive way.

It’s the concept of choosing ONE WORD that resonates with you at the time of choosing and that will be your THEME/FOCUS for the year.

No more new year’s resolutions, just ONE WORD.

The one year that I chose FINISH as my word is the year that I finished more stuff in that one year than I’d finished in the 5+ years prior to that type of FOCUS.

It works my friends – like REALLY WORKS. I just keep that word in my thoughts and reflections throughout the year and it ends up showing up in ways that you don’t even expect.

And as I approached this year in my annual reflection time (December), I realized the one area of my life that I’ve taken for granted for years is the one that not only resonates with me right now, but more importantly it will set me up for a lifetime of enjoyment – because I’ll be here to enjoy it!

That one area, that one word for me this year is HEALTH.

I’ve never been a big fan of all things health (exercise, diet/food, etc.), not because I don’t know the value in it, it just has never been “my thing.” And we all know if something is “not your thing,” you will tend to neglect and/or avoid it.

So I decided in my reflections that it’s not only time, but more importantly I am excited about learning more about living healthier and applying the many principles that I learn along the way to create an even more awesome life that I am blessed with.


Yet I am keeping it simple – that is what this whole one word concept is all about – HEALTH to me is the following:

1. Exercise (consistent) – both aerobic and anaerobic built into my routine.
2. Food/Diet – being mindful of my food and drink choices and focusing on both of them being nothing more than the fuel to help me bring my best to this world.
3. Enjoying the journey – not getting too caught up in all of the metrics, yet still holding myself to the desired result of feeling healthier than I did the day before.

Part of my focus being HEALTH is that I will still enjoy the things periodically that still bring a great amount of joy and positive energy to my life: Pizza, fresh bread, a cold craft beer, fresh cheese, and/or a good glass of wine.

Another great thing in my one word concept is this – I get to define “success” based on my definition on whether or not I am living up to that focus.

So when you pick your one word my friends – as I highly recommend you do (amazing results await) – don’t get caught up in everyone else’s definition of what success would look like in living up to that word. Just choose a word that resonates with you – that has a FEELING to it – and a word that you know when you FOCUS on it all year that you will see a positive impact on your life.

What one word will you choose my friends?

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