The Crazy Thing About Your Gifts

Gifts. Everyone has them and they are unique to you.

No one else in this world has ever had your combination of gifts, nor will the world see them ever again.

Isn’t that awesome, inspiring, and a bit scary all at the same time?

And as I’ve continued to embrace my gifts, develop them, and share them….I have come to discover this crazy thing about one’s gifts.

You may not like them.

That doesn’t make the gifts right or wrong, good or bad. It doesn’t change the fact that you were given those gifts to share with the world. And hopefully you are doing so at the best of your ability.

My gift of being able to communicate effectively and passionately in speeches, trainings, and workshops are not something that I get up in the morning excited about – in fact, I really don’t “like” speaking in front of people.

However, in my continued reflection of life, I realized that it was critical to this world that when a person discovers/creates their gifts, they have a responsibility to share them.

That is the only way that this world of ours becomes a better place – when we all are sharing our gifts to the best of our ability.

Whether we like them or not.

The greatest of this reflection is this my friends….you may not like your gifts, yet you can enjoy the heck out of the journey and life regardless. It’s your choice.


How do I overcome this “challenge” (if you can really call using your gifts a challenge) of not liking my gifts?

I focus my energy on the positive aspects of being able to share my gifts and on being of service to this world. It’s another reminder that you control how you feel at all times my friends and where your positive energy goes, positive results tend to show.

How do I discover my gifts?

Do stuff. A lot of stuff. And pay attention to the things that make you come “alive” and then keep doing those things more often until you can create a career and life to do them for a living (if desired).

Also seek out and LISTEN to the feedback from peers, clients, and friends….as many times they are telling you all the time what your gifts are, we just may not have been ready to fully hear them as we didn’t like what we heard.

Now you will be.

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