What I Have Learned – #2

I have learned that I prefer starting each of these statements with “I have learned” vs. “I learned.”

I have learned that I actually learn more about others and myself via the “no’s” in life versus the “yes’s.”

I have learned that doing your best to raise great kids turns into lawns being mowed, driveways being shoveled, and other random chores being completed without you having to ask over and over again.

I have learned a newly licensed driver in the family is eager to do all sorts of errands for themselves and the family.

I have learned that asking more questions is much better than giving all of the answers – especially when mentoring/teaching others.

I have learned that the best thing you can do for your kids is to create a loving environment at home and to role model what a great relationship looks like with your spouse.

I have learned that there is truth to the saying “What gets measured, gets done.” And that not measuring your progress can and will alter your commitment level.

I have learned that having daily priorities and chasing after them is the key to feeling productive and fulfilled at the end of the day.

I have learned that by asking questions about extra/unknown charges from companies you do business with can result in those charges being removed.

I have learned that “staying in my lane” (in my strengths) is empowering, enlightening, and more exciting than doing something to appease others.

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