What I Have Learned – #4 (April 2020)

I have learned that blaming anyone or anything else about any situation is a total waste of time and energy and it never helps the situation move forward.

I have learned that honest and straightforward communication is the only way to build truly authentic, deep, and real relationships.

I have learned that there are some very important people in my life that will just slowly disappear from my circle because we just grow apart – and that it’s ok.

I have learned that “paying it forward” is always worth the investment of time, energy, and talent.

I have learned that I must put my priorities first at times because otherwise, I will find myself accomplishing everyone else’s priorities and neglecting mine.

I have learned that the way to a productive life is to “block schedule” (block out a specific amount of time with a buffer) my daily schedule starting with my priorities.

I have learned that I must have a daily relationship with my goals otherwise they will not happen.

I have learned that how I interact with other humans matters and will most likely have some long-term impact on them – good or bad.

I have learned that whom I surround myself with is who I will become.

I have learned that I must trust the leaders in place and that they are doing the best they can, where they are, with what they have.

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