What I Have Learned – #5 (May 2020)

I have learned that “catching people doing things right” is a very powerful motivator in others and is a fantastic way to live life.

I have learned that an early morning outdoor walk is a fantastic way to start my day.

I have learned that sharing my experiences and mentoring others is a win/win relationship.

I have learned that hiring youngsters to do some of the “heavy lifting” in house and yard projects at my age is smart, efficient, body saving, and everyone wins.

I have learned that working on our homestead regularly creates a renewed sense of ownership and pride that many of us lose after a few years of owning something.

I have learned that the more I stay off and away from social media, the more I don’t miss it.

I have learned that getting a minimum of 3-5 bids or estimates for any work that I am going to have done or investment we are going to make is the best way to get the true value of that investment and make the best long-term financial decision.

I have learned that less is more.

I have learned that my family is an awesome crew to go on this life journey with.

I have learned that YouTube videos and Google searches can save us thousands of dollars on DIY projects in our home and yard.

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