What I Have Learned – #7 (July 2020)

I have learned that a handwritten note/letter to someone via snail-mail can be very powerful and heart-warming.

I have learned that me being the very best version of myself is the greatest responsibility and gift that I have as a human being.

I have learned that when I break an agreement I lose trust from others and within myself.

I have learned that just being around people you enjoy and love is more than enough.

I have learned that Green Mill’s Tavern Style Pizza is the best frozen pizza on the market.

I have learned that my daily commitment to listening to podcasts has elevated my self-education to a whole new level.

I have learned that positive, enthusiastic, and helpful customer service representatives help build a brand’s reputation significantly.

I have learned that no matter where you are on the journey of life, we all have problems – they’re just different problems.

I have learned that you cannot expect an outcome in any aspect of your life if you are not willing to put the work in to create it.

I have learned that the universe is sending me messages on a regular basis – I just needed to be more aware and present in my everyday life.

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