What I Have Learned – #8 (August 2020)

I have learned that every home owner/renter is better off when they have a set of rechargeable tools/drills/saws at their disposal.

I have learned that I truly do become what I eat.

I have learned that in order to become an expert in anything I must first study, learn from, and practice being an expert.

I have learned that as I heal, the people around me heal.

I have learned that time is my most important resource and having full control of it is true freedom.

I have learned that the phrase “This too shall pass” is one of the greatest mantras/philosophies to live by of all time.

I have learned that listening to anyone speak about what they are passionate about adds energy to everyone around them.

I have learned the world is a much better place with more love and connection and less hate and anger.

I have learned that having thoughts/opinions on another human being or situation without having all of the first hand information is really just gossip.

I have learned that my eagerness to learn continues to be one of my “secrets” to success and happiness in business and life.

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