What I have Learned – #9 (September 2020)

I have learned that whatever I put into my brain/eyes/ears will grow & manifest into my words & behaviors = choose wisely what I am allowing in.

I have learned that the fall temperatures and colors create my favorite time of the year.

I have learned that continuing to plan our meals weekly saves the family much stress, brainpower, money, time, and energy.

I have learned that any emotional outbursts are a sign of what is going on inside me and deserves further inspection/reflection of the source(s).

I have learned that always assuming positive intent of another human being leads to much better relationships all around.

I have learned that my ability to not be “hijacked” by the media and influencers is both powerful and confidence building.

I have learned that making my health a top priority allows me to do everything else in my life better.

I have learned that I cannot do for others what I am not doing for myself.

I have learned that some of my best thoughts and ideas about anything in life tend to come in the middle of the night and I am grateful that I have always taken the time to capture them by writing them down.

I have learned that me “staying in my lane” has always turned out best for my family, the world, and me.

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