What I Have Learned – #12 (December 2020)

I have learned that having a ONE WORD/PHRASE “theme” for the year gets much better results than having New Year’s resolutions. (2021 word = TRANSITION)

I have learned that the common denominator of every problem that I have ever had was….ME.

I have learned that learning to say NO is an art and a necessity.

I have learned that talking about, sharing, and tasting barrel-aged stouts and porters brings great energy and joy to my life.

I have learned that my full potential will never be reached and that the love of that pursuit is the true treasure.

I have learned that many times I have looked outside of myself for an answer when the much more powerful answer was within the entire time.

I have learned that if I do not trust myself, I will not reach my desired results – in anything.

I have learned when you have that “creative energy” flowing, you must channel/use it immediately or it will just fade away.

I have learned that teaching my children about success and happiness in all aspects of life is one of my main priorities as a parent.

I have learned that when I focus on what I don’t want, I tend to attract that into my life.

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