What I Have Learned – #14 (February 2021)

I have learned to listen and follow more of the guidance of my quiet, calm, and centered inner voice versus the other much louder voice that would like to dominate.

I have learned that I am living the story that I tell myself every day.

I have learned that being indecisive is actually a decision.

I have learned that challenging my mind every day through reading and learning is one of the best forms of fuel for inner energy, peace, and fulfillment.

I have learned that where my focus goes, energy flows, and results tend to show.

I have learned that comparing my journey to anyone else’s will only lead to unhappiness.

I have learned that the Law of Action is much more powerful and sustaining than the Law of Attraction.

I have learned that the first step when I find yourself in a hole is to stop digging.

I have learned to embrace and live by the saying, “Trust the process.”

I have learned that having a philosophy for my life (Be. Grow. Serve.) is what has led me to become who I am today.

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