Where To Focus Your Energy

Many of us get caught up in spending too much in evaluating the past and/or planning for the future when in all reality the key to long-term success and happiness is right in front of us. It is in focusing our energy and appreciation on being happy with what we have, yet at the same

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The Crazy Thing About Your Gifts

Gifts. Everyone has them and they are unique to you. No one else in this world has ever had your combination of gifts, nor will the world see them ever again. Isn’t that awesome, inspiring, and a bit scary all at the same time? And as I’ve continued to embrace my gifts, develop them, and

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Stop comparing. Start Believing.

The only way that you will ever achieve the highest level of results in your life is when you start truly believing in yourself. No one is going to do that for you. I am talking every inch of your mind, body, and soul BELIEF in yourself. A reality of life is that one of

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One word can make all the difference

A few years ago I came across a concept that has drastically impacted my life in such a positive way. It’s the concept of choosing ONE WORD that resonates with you at the time of choosing and that will be your THEME/FOCUS for the year. No more new year’s resolutions, just ONE WORD. The one

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Make It Happen. Period.

Anyone can make excuses. Not you. Anyone can create reasons why they didn’t do it. Not you. Anyone can say “I just don’t know what I want.” Not you. Anyone can blame someone or something else. Not you. Anyone can say that they are “too busy” or don’t have the time. Not you. Anyone can

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Are you willing to FAIL?

At some point on our journey in life many of us started to fear failing. And because of that, we immediately began to limit the amount of successes in business and life we could have. The ONLY THING that has ever led to any level of success in your life is the going through failure

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