The Blame Game is the game that you will always lose.

The moment you blame someone or something else for where you are in your life is the moment you give away your power, your ability to win, and thus the trajectory/course of your career and life. Why do I say that? Look all around you my friends. More often than not, the people that consider

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Are you COMMITTED or just interested?

I am not going to lie, this morning I did not want to work out. I worked out anyway. I didn’t want to go outside and shovel more ice and snow (again) today. I went out and shoveled anyway. I didn’t want to do some of the things on my to-do list today. I did

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What’s your One Thing?

One Thing can make all the difference… The smallest of habits produce extraordinary results in your life my friends. In fact, that’s how and why, happy and successful people are and continue to be happy and successful. So when you look at your life and where you are at right now, what is that One

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Your problem in not your problem…

We all have problems, they are just different problems. Smart people have problems. Healthy people have problems. Poor people have problems. Unemployed people have problems. Parents have problems. Teachers have problems. You get the idea – WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS, they are just different problems. Have you been a problem solver? Or have you been

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Start with your natural gifts and talents

In my daily reading I came across this statement, “Instead of aspiring to be anything you want to be, you should aim to be more of who you already are.” Wow. I was reminded once again that when one stops looking outside of themselves for the “answers” to life and career – that is the

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Perfectionism is self-abuse.

The pursuit of perfect is a waste of time, energy, and talent. Perfectionism will stop you from having the life you desire. Perfectionism will sabotage many of your relationships. Perfectionism will sabotage your career. Perfectionism will add a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety to your life. Perfectionism is self-abuse. Plain and simple. Read that

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