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Award-winning author, speaker and trainer, Brandon W. Johnson – The Positive Energy Guy™

Voted the #1 Global Guru for the Hospitality Industry year after year! 

Voted the #2 Global Leadership Training Program in 2020 for our highly sought-after 2-day HEART of a Leader Training!

Keynote Speaking

“We have over the years invited various outside speakers into our organization to present to our leaders, staff, or both.  Without a doubt, Brandon’s message of Positive Energy and HEART has had a lasting positive impact on our organization and culture.  His engaging, energetic, and humorous style is AWESOME – I highly, unequivocally recommend!”

John Tormanen, Director of Mission and HR, CHI St. Joseph’s Health

Leadership Trainings

“I have worked in the personal and professional development industry for over 25 years and have attended dozens of leadership trainings. I found that the Heart of a Leader training was the most rewarding and beneficial training program I have ever experienced.”

Gary Chappell, CEO of Nightingale Conant, Chicago,IL

Honored.  Humbled.  Grateful. 

Our 2-day HEART of a Leader Training was voted the #2 Leadership Training in the World by Global Gurus in 2020!

Honored as the "Business Book of the Year"

“Brandon and Katherine are right on.  True service comes from the heart.  When leaders encourage their employees to serve from the heart, there is no telling what great magic can happen for an organization.  Hospitality from the HEART takes you on a journey that shows you these truths.”

 John Christensen, CEO of Charthouse Learning and Co-author of Fish!

Brandon's Blog

Where To Focus Your Energy

Many of us get caught up in spending too much in evaluating the past and/or planning for the future when in all reality the key to long-term success and happiness is right in front of us. It is in focusing our energy and appreciation on being happy with what we have, yet at the same time investing every day into growing ourselves to

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The Crazy Thing About Your Gifts

Gifts. Everyone has them and they are unique to you. No one else in this world has ever had your combination of gifts, nor will the world see them ever again. Isn’t that awesome, inspiring, and a bit scary all at the same time? And as I’ve continued to embrace my gifts, develop them, and share them….I have come to discover this crazy

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Stop comparing. Start Believing.

The only way that you will ever achieve the highest level of results in your life is when you start truly believing in yourself. No one is going to do that for you. I am talking every inch of your mind, body, and soul BELIEF in yourself. A reality of life is that one of the biggest challenges that holds us back from

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